Congratulations to Phil Confer for Winning His Heat Race and taking 2nd in the Main Event at Barona Speedway!!! Congratulations to Ron Dunlap for taking 3rd!!! Tony Steffansmeir Wins Friday Nights Main Event!!! Josh King gets his 10th Win for the 2015 Race Season at Yreka with the SODCA!!! Congratulations to Kyle Fletcher for leading 21 of the 25 laps at Santa Maria and for taking 2nd in the Main Event!!! Kyle was driving Jimmy Villas Car!!! Great job Kyle!!! Congratulations to John Isabella for Winning His Heat Race and Main Event at Rocky Hill Speedway!!! Congratulations to Rob McQuary for Winning at Creek County Speedway!!! Angel Figueroa Wins the Western States Dwarf Car National Event in The Vet Division at Southern Oregon Speedway!!! Thank you, Symons Fire Protection, Aero Race Wheels, Rod End Supply, LAT Racing Oils, San Diego Cad/Cam, K&N Filters, Empire Steel Buildings, NGK Spark Plugs and Rosson Racing for Sponsoring D&R Chassis!!!

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Drake and Rosson Chassis produces high performance Dwarf Car Chassis that will put the competition in your dust.

Experience Counts

Welcome to D&R Chassis. It is our goal and commitment to our customers to provide them with outstanding customer service and quality parts. From Turn Key Cars and Trucks to every component to build a car from the ground up. All of our Chassis and components are manufactured on state of the art equipment, as well as built on fixtures to assure repeatability, either on our CNC Haas VF-2 Mill or our SL20T CNC Lathe. We have the ability to build custom engines or customers can purchase one directly from our stock along with numerous year models of Velocity Stack / Filter Assembly's. We also stock Shocks, Springs, Wheels, Rear Ends and Spools, Exhaust Systems, Electrical System Parts, Brake System Parts, Drive System Parts, Radiator Parts, and Numerous other Racing Parts to make us your One Stop Racing Shop!

In our first two years in production we won the CDCRA Championship, CDCRA South Championship, CDCRA North Championship and CDCRA Overall Championship for the 2010 and 2011 Race Season. Our First year with Kevin Drake behind the wheel he won every race with the CDCRA for the season. And our Second year with Ronnie Monster Williams, Angel Figueroa, and Ron Dunlap they won 15 of the 16 races for the 2011 Race Season with the CDCRA. We won our first National event with the Western States in Medford Oregon.

In Conjunction with Rosson Racing we have over 17 years racing experience. Please vist our About Page and the Winner's Cirlce to view Past Champions and Winners.

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Josh King 09S

Win Date: 08-30-2015
Comments:Josh King gets his 10th Win for the 2015 Race Season at Yreka with the SODCA!!!